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Blessing Bags

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The Blessing Bags contain sage for purification, cedar for balancing, lavender for beauty

How to use it - In a safe bowl or shell, light the smudge mixture on fire, wave out the flame and use the smoke to clean your aura and home. You can also place the bag in your drawer to keep your clothing smelling fresh or leave open in a bowl like potpourri
We created this blessing bag for you to let go of all the day to day stress and receive the blessings from our holy creator. Sage, cedar and lavender have been used by indigenous cultures to help bring beauty and balancing to the home space. Our sage is organically grown on site at Firebird Touch Therapy. The cedar is collected in a sacred way from our family lands in Northern Arizona and the lavender is organically grown and sourced from a local California farm.
This tag is plantable anywhere there is dirt, it will grown in to a lovely field of flowers. With deep gratitude we offer you these herbs that they may bless you, heal you and balance you.

Contents are larger than pictured - enjoy 3 ounces of these sacred, sustainably grown + cultivated herbs

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