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Meet Robin Swan

Robin Swan is an entrepreneur, business consultant, public speaker, herbal alchemist, and creator of Firebird Touch Therapy, an herbal medicine and holistic lifestyle company. She is a pioneer in the medical cannabis field and brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience as a business owner, holistic health practitioner and creator of cannabinoid medicines. 


Robin grew up in the cannabis industry and has worked with the full cannabis plant panel since 1996. She comes from a lineage of herbalists who use recipes that have been passed on for thousands of years. Robin grew up learning these influential herbalism techniques from her grandmothers and aunties. The knowledge Robin infuses into her cannabinoid medicine dates back to 600 b.c.e. When creating medicine, Robin combines old world wisdom with new world accessibility, making her products like nothing else on the market. 


Between 2007 - 2009, cancer claimed nine lives of Robin’s close family members. These devastating tragedies inspired her to create high-quality medical cannabis oil using ancient extraction techniques that can help combat cancer and relieve symptoms. Robin has also been a leader in the field of soft tissue repair, creating modalities that focus on healing spinal cord injury and traumatic brain damage. Her herbal products are known for providing relief from chronic pain and alleviating the need for pharmaceuticals. 


Robin’s holistic approach integrates and restores the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental facets of the body. This focus on whole body integration and healing is essential for living in a balanced state and enjoying a joy-filled, pain-free life.


As a business owner, product developer, and health practitioner, Robin’s exceptional knowledge and experience is unmatched. She has created, manufactured and distributed products for multiple industries, including Hot Chile Mama Salsa, Diva Delites (a flourless chocolate cake), and Farenhite Glass Studio, which became a leader in adult toys and won the AVN Award For Best Toy In The Industry in 2007. Additionally, Robin created and developed an equine massage method and bodywork modality for spinal cord injuries for the company Project Walk.


Firebird Touch Therapy, her greatest achievement to date, is a self-funded and debt-free company built solely on word-of-mouth referrals that enjoys a niche status in a saturated market. Firebird Touch Therapy produces small-batch, full spectrum extractions and tinctures. These superior medicines naturally address issues concerning the central nervous system. Robin’s guiding philosophy is “Love All ~ Serve All” and this idea infuses every aspect of her business. From seed to sale she knows every hand that has touched the product. Firebird Touch Therapy is committed to the principles of faith, hope, charity and love for all. 

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Why Work with Robin Swan?

Why Naturopathy

As a generational herbalist, Robin has the old world knowledge to create custom herbs, based on your unique need.

Business Consulting

Robin has taken three products to market and provides consulting services to provide you the knowledge of what it takes to turn your passion into profit.

Life as Ceremony

Robin will help you in creating a personal life ceremony to honor the life cycles present in your world.

End of Life Issues

As a hospice minister since 2003, Robin has worked with many individuals into gracefully transitioning. Family counseling and ceremony available.

Product Creation Consulting

She has birthed multiple products and can help you in launching yours.

Alternative Treatments of Cancer

Through her herbal remedies, Robin has crafted alternative ways to  combat cancer.


“It is my pleasure to endorse Robin Swan, the girl with the golden hands. When you begin to experience your massage, you are tense from your work, grouchy from unpleasant experiences, and truly exhausted. When your hour is up you are reborn both physically and mentally. She is a master of her craft. Incidentally, Robin has aided many celebrities from the sports world and Hollywood. As you lay on her table she may even share with you some of the details of her fascinating life. Without hesitation I recommend to you my friend Robin Swan, a very knowledgeable and sensitive human being.”

—Rabbi Hillel E. Silverman

“I whole-heartedly recommend Ms. Robin J. Swan, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), for any position relating to work on the human body that requires specialized knowledge and compassionate understanding. She has been my HHP for the last three years. During that time, I have benefitted from her specific background, training and expertise in dealing with my numerous neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. She uses different bodywork modalities with skill and care.

Ms. Swan has designed and used essential oils, healing herbs, and salves for my particular needs that have also been most beneficial. Robin is a joy to work with as a healing professional, as she always exemplifies the highest caliber of professionalism and would make an outstanding contribution to the health and well being of anyone seeking her services.”

— Greg S. Maizlish, Esq.

“I have been seeing Robin for massage since 2007. She is the secret formula for working out the kinks prior to a running race and to combat soreness, stress and fatigue. Robin’s excellent massages have become an integral part of maintaining health and positive energy in my busy, active world. I recommend Robin to anyone looking to enhance overall wellness and recharge.” 


-Valerie Day

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