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Meet Robin Swan

Robin Swan has over 30 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner, North American herbalist, bodyworker, entrepreneur and metaphysical minister. Whether you are grappling with an injury, a roadblock in starting your business or a health problem, Robin can pull from her multi-faceted expertise to support you on your journey.


Her focus is on whole-body integration. Robin has been a leader in the field of soft tissue repair creating modalities that focus on spinal cord injury and traumatic brain damage. Her herbal products have provided relief from chronic pain,  alleviating the need for pharmaceutical drugs for many.


Working with Robin one-on-one will give you the strength, guidance, information, and skills you need to make educated and informed decisions regarding these very important choices for your life. She will help you in identifying what is really making you ill and how to correct it. Her mind-body-spirit approach is based on the integration of self.  Finding out what drives us to happiness and wellness is key, as is finding out what is holding us back. Robin focuses on both.


Beyond just health guidance, Robin also brings decades of entrepreneurial experience in the fitness and wellness industries. She has taken three products to market. Her vast experience and knowledge in how to “get’er done” is unmatched and she is available for business consultations for advice on how to get your idea out into the world. She can lead you up and over your obstacles, bring the light of understanding to your darkest corners as well as offer up lots of solutions to your “big ass’ problems.

If you are ready to take the leap, give up your story of failure, defeat, and fear, Robin’s honest and unmerciful approach will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with a great amount of joy, fulfillment, and fun!  Those choosing to work with Robin will receive not only her vast amount of knowledge but an unmatched opened hearted approach to healing in all five aspects of self.


Why Work with Robin Swan?

She can help with


As a generational herbalist, Robin has the old world knowledge to create custom herbs, based on your unique need.

Business Consulting

Robin has taken three products to market and provides consulting services to provide you the knowledge of what it takes to turn your passion into profit.

Life as Ceremony

Robin will help you in creating a personal life ceremony to honor the life cycles present in your world.

End of Life Issues

As a hospice minister since 2003, Robin has worked with many individuals into gracefully transitioning. Family counseling and ceremony available.

Product Creation Consulting

She has birthed multiple products and can help you in launching yours.

Alternative Treatments of Cancer

Through her herbal remedies, Robin has crafted alternative ways to  combat cancer.


“It is my pleasure to endorse Robin Swan, the girl with the golden hands. When you begin to experience your massage, you are tense from your work, grouchy from unpleasant experiences, and truly exhausted. When your hour is up you are reborn both physically and mentally. She is a master of her craft. Incidentally, Robin has aided many celebrities from the sports world and Hollywood. As you lay on her table she may even share with you some of the details of her fascinating life. Without hesitation I recommend to you my friend Robin Swan, a very knowledgeable and sensitive human being.”

—Rabbi Hillel E. Silverman

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